Lounge Bar






Beef noodles are surprisingly popular among foodies. The delicious flavour comes from the care and craftsmanship of the owner’s mother, using a recipe that has been passed down for years. The flavour will bring you nostalgia in a most delightful way. Now that Chen’s Beef Noodle Soup has arrived, you no longer need to go to the store to enjoy this delicacy. You can enjoy  the convenience of sharing this wonderful dish at home with your family and friends!






About 異塵 CELLAR

異塵  since 1991
隱身於車水馬龍的南京東路上,低調的招牌,沈穩的大門,彷彿會進入另一個世界。低調-奢華 走進異塵Cellar彷彿進入了另一個境界,獨立的空間感、珠簾隔空,隱約在流瀑銀線當中。徜徉12呎的大吧檯是Lounge Bar中所罕見的,回歸到地窖原始風貌,酒瓶中有如崁在石洞裡的陳年醞釀,霎時讓人有如時空交錯的幻覺,精心設計的空間,會讓您感覺到強烈的視覺震撼。

Hidden on Nanjing East road, beyond the modest sign and unassuming door you will enter another world. Hushed luxury greets you in another realm that is Cellar. The room appears through a waterfall of the pearlescent bead curtain. The 12-foot bar is rare among this style of lounge, and harkens back to the original style of the cellar. The bottle lined walls are reminiscent of the stone cellars of old, making you think you have stepped into a time distortion.The sleek design will leave you in awe of its beauty. It is difficult in Taiwan to create your own brand coming from 32 years of tradition.

The delicious meals are also a thing of awe! We serve Japanese-style shredded chicken rice, three cup flavoured preserved duck eggs, Japanese-style fried tofu, etc…

The beef noodles are highly recommended, coming from our family-inspired recipe. If you enjoy Japanese and Taiwanese food you cannot pass up on our dishes!